Providing a new model for healthcare in Ireland

Letsbuyhealthcare has a simple aim: to provide an easy way for people without private insurance to quickly access quality private healthcare.

In an ideal world, people would receive their healthcare treatment quickly and safely and then get on with their lives. But this is far from the reality – as those without private health insurance, waiting in long queues, know only too well. Now there is a better way.

Working with healthcare professionals in private hospitals and other healthcare providers the Letsbuyhealthcare team has developed a new way to access, on-line, the best available private healthcare. For the first time all the essential information you need to select and book a private hospital or healthcare professional is available with just a few clicks

Letsbuyhealthcare will continue to grow and add other hospitals, other medical providers and more treatments.

Take control of your healthcare needs. Now you can SEARCH, CHOOSE and BOOK, then sit back and your healthcare provider will be directly in touch

On a public waiting list? Need access to private healthcare but have no insurance?

LetsBuyHealthcare - A connection with private healthcare FOR EVERYONE