Joining The Letsbuyhealthcare Co-Operative Society

Now, for the first time, self funding and self paying for private healthcare is made a whole lot simpler. Working collectively, on a not for profit basis, for the benefit of it's members to provide quality, accessable and affordable private healthcare. Members can create their own personal healthcare fund, access the private healthcare portal to book treatments online from the network of participating private medical providers, receive a share in any overall fund investment growth and avail of other exclusive Co Op Society benefits. The Co Op Society gives everyone an equal connection to private healthcare.
  • Special Opening Offer to ‘Early Bird’ Members

    Offer valid until 31st December, 2022 OR First 100,000 members (whichever comes first)

    Save €95 on your Co-Op membership.


    Healthcare Coins*

    Buy 50 healthcare coins, or more*, and get 2 free.
    *During the lifetime of your membership.

    Healthcare Coins

    Healthcare Coins are a new flexible way for Co Op Society Members to prepare for the cost of private healthcare

    Each Healthcare Coin you buy represents a €50 addition to the value of your own personal private healthcare fund

    • You decide how many Healthcare Coins to buy and when to do so
    • Every Co Op Member has their own Letsbuyhealthcare 'digital wallet'
    • Your own personal healthcare fund is available to use with any participating private medical provider
    • You may use your Healthcare Coin fund to buy private healthcare for anyone
    • The overall Healthcare Coin fund is overseen by one of the biggest financial institutions in Ireland
    • Any net investment growth will be returned to Members as additional Healthcare Coins
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    Membership of The Private Health Co Op

    Individual or Family Members

    Families can decide if they want everyone in the family to be Co Op Society Members (each with their own Healthcare Coin Fund) or have a single family Healthcare Coin Fund. Either way the owner can use their Healthcare Coin Fund to meet the cost of anyone's private healthcare.
    Membership of The Private Health Co Op

    Company / Business

    Companies or businesses can also join the Letsbuyhealthcare Co Operative Society as Members in their own right. As an employer if you want to support the private healthcare costs of your Directors, partners, managers or employees using Healthcare Coins just contact Letsbuyhealthcare.