Letsbuyhealthcare Limited is incorporated in Ireland, Company Number 604764 with registered offices at 7-8 Wilton Terrace, Dublin 2, Ireland D02 KC57. VAT number IE3472374JH

Should you have any queries regarding the services provided by Letsbuyhealthcare, please contact us at our registered office or email: contact@letsbuyhealthcare.ie

Letsbuyhealthcare is a consumer comparison website advertising and offering services provided by suppliers of private healthcare. We ask consumers to register on our website (www.letsbuyhealthcare.com) and provide us with their name, contact details and other relevant information. Letsbuyhealthcare is free to join and is obligation free.

We arrange with private healthcare providers to present information and prices on allinclusive packages of healthcare on the Letsbuyhealthcare website in a way that is informative and allows consumers choose the treatment & provider they require. 

Typically, healthcare providers (e.g. private hospitals) will supply information to Letsbuyhealthcare on the providers preferred rate at which the healthcare provider will deliver the treatment(s), an indicative time for that treatment and a description of the healthcare that will be provided.

Once we have been provided with that information we then present the offer/s from the healthcare provider on the Letsbuyhealthcare website and consumers are free to choose whether or not they wish to progress with their treatment, accept the healthcare providers offer and pay a deposit (or the full price) directly to a consumer’s chosen provider. No payment(s) is made by consumers to Letsbuyhealthcare. 

Letsbuyhealthcare is providing a service to the healthcare providers and a fee or commission is separately agreed with those providers.

Letsbuyhealthcare has no hand, act or part in the provision of healthcare and it has no responsibility or liability whatsoever for any additional cost that arises and/or the quality of the service provided by any private healthcare provider, its employees, its suppliers or its contractors.

We do not engage in any advisory services in relation to any of the healthcare offers presented by healthcare providers on the website. The healthcare provider will provide any advisory services relating to the healthcare services offered. Please see our Terms and Conditions of Use and our Privacy Statement on our website (www.letsbuyhealthcare.com) for further details governing the terms of membership.

Letsbuyhealthcare is a “profit for purpose” enterprise. Letsbuyhealthcare can earn a commission on it’s activities by agreement with private healthcare providers. The structure and rate at which that commission is agreed may vary from provider to provider. 

At Letsbuyhealthcare we aim to avoid any conflicts of interest when providing services to our members. However, should an unavoidable conflict of interest occur we will advise affected members in advance.

Letsbuyhealthcare is committed to handling the personal information you have provided in accordance with the Data Protection Act(s). If you would like a copy of the information we hold about you, please write to: 7-8 Wilton Terrace Dublin 2 Ireland D02 KC57. A fee of €6.35 should be enclosed with your request for your data. 

Should you discover any errors or omissions in the personal data held by us, or wish to change any of the uses of the data please contact us. 

We at Letsbuyhealthcare are committed to providing a high standard of service at all times. We aim to respond to complaints in a courteous, timely and fair manner, endeavouring to address specific issues raised by our members and where appropriate to update our procedures to avoid re-occurrence of similar issues. Please contact us to discuss any concerns you may have.

The terms of business set out herein apply from the date of your submission of data and by virtue of this, your becoming a “Member” of Letsbuyhealthcare. These terms of business will continue to be effective until such time as you formally advise us of your wish to no longer be a member, or unsubscribe from our service.

3 October 2018